It is important to note that Best Buddies is the only united international program. Our organization has adopted a unique approach to community service.  Some of our activities include: collecting trash in the park and donating food for food banks to enhance the wellbeing of the community.

We believe that most of the intellectually challenges persons have limited exposure to what most of us consider ordinary life experiences. We, therefore, provide a platform of genuine friendship that aids them to acquire valuable skills that better enable them to contribute to our community and still live meaningfully.  We believe gold can be a great way for them to feel connected and engaged.

For example, while traveling for our golf activities, buddies can also hang out beyond the golf courses. This way, they get to observe and learn the following useful skills:

  • Social skills, such as waiting on the queue, thanking cashiers for their tickets, and keeping quiet during the film.
  • Economic skills such as counting change, paying for a ticket, and making sound decisions regarding the size of drinks to take, as well as making decisions on how to spend your money help them build a sense of autonomy.
  • Age-appropriate skills, such as what movies, clothing and music people of the same age group enjoy can be learned by them. This is both through watching the film and watching other people at the film theatre. Sadly, many intellectually challenged persons are devoid
  • of such peer interaction opportunities. This is both in school and at work. They instead spend most of their time in home groups or with their parents.

We advocate giving equal opportunities to everyone. Thus, we strive to be an instrument to promote equality and meaning whatever circumstance individuals are in. And we believe golfing is a great core activity that makes all the difference.